August 21–September 18, 2021

ANNA LIBERTINE:  “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

Opening Reception: August 21, 2021, 6:00 pm

The original human – the child – just wants to have fun. Drive explores the world through the body. Fun is essential to the incorporation of spirit into flesh – the lust for life. Consuming and producing are entangled in the act of play which knows no ownership, no work, no trademark, no money. Is art anything other than serious fun. Not only do girls want to have the same fun as boys (according to the song) but they are equipped to show them the way.

Anna Libertine follows the path of art brut in its concrete immediacy, refined but untrained, through a series of two, three, and four dimensional works of love – attempting to say something about the condition of the child and the female in our times: the product of which is the girl.




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Gallery, Guild, Atelier.