June 17, 2023 – July 23, 2023


Enter the realm of BAD BOYD, an introspective immersion that encourages contemplation and invites us to delve into the interplay of art, meaning, and human experiences. At the core of the exhibition lies BOYD’s high fidelity stereo, a key element in his pandemic narrative. Occasionally transforming into a theater sound system, it creates an enveloping audiovisual ambiance. Within the exhibition space, a large shag carpet adorned with pillows and chairs provides a space for relaxation and engagement. This inviting area encourages visitors to have a drink, find solace, and celebrate their presence.

As part of BOYD’s personal journey towards physical well-being, the exhibition incorporates gymnastic equipment which embody BOYD’s adoration for the corporeal form, yet simultaneously serve as poignant reminders the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability. Through the game of chess, “BAD BOYD” explores the interplay of ideas and perspectives, inviting contemplation on battle, judgment, morality, and meaning, furthering the participatory relational aesthetic. Alongside sculptural installations and interactive elements, including bespoke furniture, BOYD’s two new paintings grace the East and West walls.

Join us for a series of events in the world of BAD BOYD, where personal symptom becomes shared experience.


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Gallery, Guild, Atelier.