November 5 – December 4, 2022



1. “Text me” everyone says. Nothing is more profane than “texting.” 

2. The intersection of poesis and image
has rarely been achieved in Art.

3. When DEB texts, it’s a love letter straight from her heart –
and a bullet from a f***ing gun.

4. DEB has two generations of painting – the textural and the textual.

5. The textural came first – as pure substance.
Too sensitive for the (art) world, it was “cut up.”

6. The textual reintroduces the free form speech of the subject.
Attack upon the feminine regurgitated as critique, mystique.
And paves the way for the textural once again.
Now they work together.
Spirit made flesh is matter redeemed by the word. 

7. Come read these paintings.


“Making a field of color, I enter a place of endless possibility—a void where expectation does not exist. Thoughts and words have the forward drive of a bullet as they interrupt this plane. They linger and create blockages, bringing in fear and insecurity. Rather than being swept under the rug, these words are left to be digested. Exorcising them would break the spell.
My paintings are a continuous personal landscape guided by concepts of self-protection and time travel.”


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Gallery, Guild, Atelier.