May 20, 2023 – June 11, 2023


Ghosts, Ancestors…


“I’m sick of putting myself in these positions.” An artist constructs and reveals the object of desire in public. But how does a performance artist accomplish this without being caught as the object of animal prey or human drama?

Hannah Hughes presents a show that questions the nature of the art object – performative installation as installed performance.

What begins with found objects ready to hand ends in an excavation of personal and cultural history – ancestors and ghosts of the past. A father’s game of Go leads to Duchamp’s performative non-art of Chess. An inversion of Marcel’s gender in art leads to an old photo of a lost lover, and a mystery of desire itself. How can love disappear – and what is left in its wake. A cultural monument, an art object, an implanted memory?


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Gallery, Guild, Atelier.