July 29, 2023 – August 27, 2023

JENNIFER JOSEPH: Tapestry of the psyche

LIBERTINE unveils “JENNIFER JOSEPH:  Tapestry of the psyche”, a visionary exhibition that traverses intricate threads of consciousness, weaving together art, psychology, and multidimensional healing practices.

Joseph’s site-specific installation The Salon of Inner Beauty is a space where art and healing converge, meticulously constructed using an astonishing 150,000 acupuncture needles—objects specifically designed to facilitate the movement of energy. By stepping inside this unique form, viewers are enveloped in the energy of thousands of tiny healing objects, generating a living field that can be felt.

The exhibition emphasizes the transformative power of art in the realm of healing, recognizing its ability to nurture and restore on various levels. Alongside Joseph’s remarkable installation hang several luminous abstract paintings. These artworks serve as visual portals, evoking a sense of transcendence and connection to the ethereal realm. Rooted in Joseph’s meditative process, these paintings embody both complexity and simplicity, eliciting deep contemplation and introspection.

Through the fusion of artistry and intention “JENNIFER JOSEPH:  Tapestry of the psyche” invites you to explore the interplay of our inner and outer realities.

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Gallery, Guild, Atelier.